New guided missile in Fortnite

New guided missile in Fortnite

Hello, everybody!

Fortnite is upgraded with the 3.4 patch and welcomes a new weapon that will give a lot to talk about: the guided missile.

We also commented on the spectacular world record set on Sunday thanks to the tournament organised by Rubius.

We’re going to know the details of it all!

World record for streaming

The tournament organized by Rubius on March 25th broke all audience records reaching 1 million spectators simultaneously! 100 Spanish-speaking youtubers took part and set a record for live fans in video game broadcasts. In addition, they became a worldwide trending topic. A spectacular example that the Fortnite game does not touch the ceiling and it looks like it will continue to do so.

Guided missile

Today, Thursday, a new weapon called a guided missile will land in Fortnite. Promise me a lot! It is of epic and legendary rarity and can be found in treasure chests and supply deliveries. What we know about her is that she uses rocket ammunition and that it lasts 18 seconds after launching. So we’ll be able to control the missile directly from the moment it’s launched, but the character won’t be able to move while it’s being controlled. From Epic Games also indicate that the missile can be disconnected when you want and it will follow its path.

misil teledirigido

As we said, this is not just any weapon, the guided missile will bring moments of madness and fun to Fortnite!

Shooting of the shooter

The shooter’s time-limited shooting mode returns. Epic Games point out some changes that have been introduced such as the introduction of the hunting rifle and crossbow or the elimination of the revolver. In addition, epic weapons can be found in treasure chests and legendary weapons in supply deliveries.

Corrections of errors

Like every week, mistakes have been corrected at Fortnite. We highlight the following:

  • Boogie pump problems have been fixed and are now available again.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the spike traps to activate when a player positioned himself on the wall where the trap was placed.
  • The rare colours of the shotguns have been adjusted to better represent their effectiveness.
  • Fixed the bug that caused open treasure chests to appear closed when viewed from a distance.

What do you think of the new guided missile? Do you feel like trying it?

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