Remote explosives and supply llamas arrive in Fortnite

Remote explosives and supply llamas arrive in Fortnite

Hello, everybody!

Like every weekend, there are news!

We welcome the 3.3.0 patch with remote explosives and supply flames, among other new features.

Let’s take a closer look at everything Fortnite brings us this week!

Remote Explosives

Among the highlights of this latest Fortnite update is the introduction of Remote Explosives. A new goal that will give us something to talk about and will create dynamism in the game. They are of rare rarity and can be found in flames of supplies, treasure chests, ground loot or deliveries of supplies.

Speaking of guns, we’re not gonna have smoke grenades available anymore.

Supply llamas

Supply llamas act as chests, as they are scattered across the map and provide supplies. Concrete: 500 wood, stone and metal; 10 accumulations of each type of bullet and 3 traps and consumables. They are very rare, as only 3 appear per game and the location is completely random.

New gameplay mode

Epic Games informs us that a new game mode will be available from February 19th: Lightning Assault. With Lightning Assault the games will be faster (they will last 15 minutes) because the circle of the storm will shrink faster. In fact, by the time the game starts, the circle will already be closing. Do you feel like trying it?

Correction of errors

As if that were not enough, they have also introduced corrections and some changes. Among the most outstanding:

  • The name has been changed from”hunting rifle without sight” to”hunting rifle”.
  • The visual effects of the impact of the environment have been added with the projectiles of the hunting rifle.
  • The health of the treasure chests has been increased from 200 to 500.
  • The health of the ammunition boxes has been increased from 120 to 250.

Have you tried remote explosives yet? How was your experience with the supply llamas?

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