Comes season 3 of Fortnite with many novelties

Comes season 3 of Fortnite with many novelties

The second season of Battle Royale Fortnite is coming to an end! The fashion game is updated to version 3.0.0. with important new features.

Let’s get to know them!

Battle Pass

Buyers of the battle pass will enjoy exclusive booty and new levels of gameplay. Specifically 30 more levels for season 3 (100 in total). Among the rewards are six new costumes, three peaks, three delta wings, three gift medley, five downhill stele effects, six cargo screens, twenty banners and twenty emoticons.  It’s not bad, is it?  

Each week a group of seven challenges will be unlocked, replacing the daily challenges of the previous battle pass. All of these challenges accumulate and can be completed at any time before the end of the season. Epic Games confirms that they have designed enhancers so that the 100 levels of this new season can be completed in the same time that we were able to complete the 70 levels of season 2.

Construction improvements

For the patch they have kept in mind the needs of the best builders in the game. How many times have you died in the middle of a construction site for not knowing you didn’t have materials? Now, among the new features that are added in Fortnite we will be able to move from one material to another when the previous one is exhausted, just activate it in the game options.

Another novelty is the turbo construction, which allows you to use the main shot to place the construction part you have selected. This option can also be activated in the game options.

And finally, it can be built on objects!  Small objects such as shrubs will be destroyed but trees, rocks and vehicles will remain in the middle. In this way, structures can now be placed and built anywhere.

New weapon

That’s right! We’ll be able to enjoy a new weapon: the hand cannon. Literally:”It’s big, it’s noisy and it hits you good. Don’t you feel like trying it? It fires heavy ammunition, is epic and legendary rarity and can be found in ground loot, treasure chests and deliveries of supplies.


Other new developments

There are many new features and bug fixes brought to us by patch We leave you some of them:

  • At the beginning of the session, access to the game and the menus in the rooms have remixes of the new music recordings.
  • Grenades can no longer make critical hits.
  • The Valentine’s Day aspect of the crossbow has been removed.
  • Chances of guns appearing in soil loot have been adjusted
  • Now the trajectory of the battle bus is visible on the map before jumping.
  • From now on, when observing players, the number of eliminated players appears under their name.

What do you think of the new battle pass? Tell us about it!

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